Wireless Site Survey Services
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Wireless Site Surveys

Clover IQ offers comprehensive wireless site survey services to ensure that your business has reliable wireless connectivity. Our team of experts will assess your location and design a customized wireless network that meets your business needs.

Our Wireless Site Surveys are designed to be a cost-effective solution for businesses that need to deploy a wireless network in a new location or upgrade an existing network. We use the latest tools and technologies to analyze your location and identify any potential issues that could impact wireless connectivity, such as interference or dead zones.

Our team will then design a customized wireless network that meets your specific needs, taking into account factors such as coverage, capacity, and security. We’ll provide detailed recommendations for hardware, placement, and configuration to ensure that your wireless network is reliable and secure.

Our Wireless Site Survey Services are ideal for businesses in the manufacturing, oil and gas, logistics and shipping, energy, utilities, and mining industries, as well as for campus and K12 environments and public safety and federal government agencies. With our wireless site surveys, you’ll experience faster and more reliable wireless connectivity, which can help improve productivity and reduce downtime.

Types of...

Wireless Site Surveys

There are two types of wireless site surveys:

Passive Site Survey

In this type of survey, the technician analyzes the existing wireless signals in the area without generating any new signals.

Active Site Survey

In this type of survey, the technician uses special equipment to generate wireless signals to determine the strength and coverage of the wireless network.

Wireless Site Survey Services
Wireless Site Survey Services
Wireless Site Survey Service

Key Benefits

Benefits of Wireless Site Surveys:

    1. Optimizes Network Performance: By conducting a wireless site survey, network administrators can optimize the placement of wireless access points, antennas, and other network devices to ensure maximum coverage and performance.
    2. Identifies Sources of Interference: It can help identify potential sources of interference such as microwave ovens, other wireless networks, and electronic devices that could affect the performance of the wireless network.
    3. Helps Determine Bandwidth Requirements: By analyzing the network traffic, a wireless site survey can help determine the bandwidth requirements for a specific area, ensuring that the network can handle the required traffic.
    4. Ensures Compliance with Regulations: It can help ensure compliance with regulations such as the FCC’s Part 15 rules, which govern the use of wireless devices.

Overall, a wireless site survey is an important tool for optimizing the performance of wireless networks and ensuring that they meet the needs of users in a specific area.

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