GSX 2023!

GSX 2023

Just wrapped up an exhilarating start to the week at GSX 2023! 

It was an action-packed event filled with insights into the future of physical security and technology. Here are some key takeaways that have left a lasting impression on me:

1️⃣ Integrated Ecosystems Prevail: Despite the push for disaggregated hardware and software solutions, one thing became crystal clear: customers still prefer the convenience of a “one neck to choke” solution. The power of complete ecosystems, rather than juggling multiple vendors, can’t be underestimated.

2️⃣ Robotic Revolution: The future holds promising improvements in the quality of life for security guards, especially during late-night shifts. Robots are stepping in to tackle mundane tasks in large indoor and outdoor spaces, potentially reducing costs and enhancing safety.

3️⃣ Remote Perimeter Security: Remote installations no longer require miles of wiring for perimeter fencing. LTE cameras powered by renewable energy sources are changing the game. Whether using private LTE or public cellular, these cameras, combined with commercial radar, offer efficient and cost-effective solutions.

4️⃣ Data Deluge & AI: With the influx of data from cameras, sensors, body cams, and more, it’s clear that a holistic system for data collection and analysis is essential. AI will play a pivotal role in making this data actionable, particularly in the realm of physical security.

5️⃣ Customized ROI: In a world flooded with technology options, customers are seeking technology advisors who can make sense of it all. Building customized solutions and working collaboratively with vendors to achieve business outcomes and a tailored ROI is the future of technology deployment.

Exciting times ahead in the world of security and technology. It’s evident that innovation is driving us towards safer, more efficient solutions. Let’s embrace these changes and continue working together to shape a secure future.

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