Enhancing Perimeter Security: Private 5G-Powered Fencing with Avigilon AI Cameras for Critical and energy Infrastructure

In today’s rapidly evolving security landscape, safeguarding critical infrastructure such as ports, airports, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and oil and gas facilities requires innovative solutions that can adapt to emerging threats. Traditional security measures often prove inadequate, particularly in large outdoor areas. However, a game-changing solution has emerged: Private 5G-powered fencing with AI-enabled cameras.

Developed in collaboration by industry leaders including Microsoft, Nokia, and Motorola Avigilon, this cutting-edge approach is revolutionizing perimeter security. Led by Clover IQ, a leading system integrator specializing in Private 5G, this system leverages Private 5G networks to provide unparalleled coverage, reliability, and flexibility.


At the core of this solution lies the on-premise Core, a central hub responsible for managing connections, data processing, and analysis. The Core, which is powered by Microsoft, ensures seamless integration with Azure subscriptions for enhanced data management and analytics.

Nokia’s radios form the backbone of the Private 5G network, delivering fast and reliable connectivity across the facility. These radios enable robust communication channels essential for transmitting data between devices and the on-premise Core.

The frontline defense consists of AI-enabled cameras from Motorola and Nokia, equipped with advanced algorithms to detect potential threats in real-time. These cameras can be Nokia’s 5G cameras or Motorola’s cameras connected through solutions like Cradlepoint or DigiKey. In areas without traditional power sources, solar-powered options ensure uninterrupted operation.

Key Features and Benefits:

    1. Private 5G Connectivity: Private 5G networks offer robust, low-latency connections without extensive cabling, simplifying deployment and enhancing scalability as security needs evolve.
    2. AI-Powered Surveillance: AI algorithms in the cameras quickly and accurately detect suspicious activities, enabling swift responses to potential threats.
    3. Cost-Effective Deployment: Offered as a comprehensive package, deployment is streamlined and cost-effective. Businesses can opt for a service model, reducing upfront costs.
    4. Scalability and Customization: The system adapts to various environments and needs, whether securing a small warehouse or a sprawling industrial complex.
    5. Enhanced Security: Private 5G connectivity combined with AI-driven surveillance fortifies perimeter defenses against unauthorized access, vandalism, and theft.
    6. Day 2 Support with Managed Services: Clover IQ provides ongoing support through managed services, ensuring optimal system performance through proactive maintenance, troubleshooting, and updates.

In conclusion, Private 5G-powered fencing with AI cameras, provided by Clover IQ as a system integrator, offers a transformative solution for enhancing perimeter security in critical infrastructure industries. With advanced technology, user-friendly design, and comprehensive support, this system delivers cost-effective, reliable security for protecting vital assets.

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