Clover IQ and Motorola Solutions Join Forces

Dallas, Texas – June 26, 2023Clover IQ, a leading provider of cutting-edge connectivity solutions, and Motorola Solutions, a global leader in mission-critical communications, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at delivering Private LTE and 5G solutions to enterprises with expansive indoor and outdoor spaces. This collaboration combines the strengths of both companies to provide unparalleled connectivity and enable transformative digital experiences for businesses in various industries.

Clover IQ, under the leadership of CEO Hunaid Lotia, is renowned for its innovative approach to connectivity solutions, specializing in delivering reliable, high-speed wireless networks for large-scale environments. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by enterprises in sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, and hospitality, Clover IQ has consistently delivered top-notch wireless solutions tailored to their specific needs. By partnering with Motorola Solutions, the industry leader in mission-critical communications, Clover IQ expands its capabilities to deliver next-generation connectivity solutions that will unlock new possibilities for enterprises.

Motorola Solutions brings a rich heritage of expertise in mission-critical communications and a robust portfolio of advanced wireless technologies. Renowned for its dedication to public safety, Motorola Solutions has consistently provided reliable, secure, and efficient communication solutions for first responders and critical infrastructure. Leveraging its deep understanding of network infrastructure and advanced radio technologies, Motorola Solutions is poised to bring its experience and capabilities to the enterprise sector through this partnership.

Together, Clover IQ and Motorola Solutions will offer a comprehensive suite of Private LTE and 5G solutions designed to address the connectivity challenges faced by enterprises with large indoor and outdoor spaces. These solutions will enable businesses to achieve seamless wireless connectivity, enhanced capacity, and increased data speeds, empowering them to fully leverage emerging technologies such as Industrial IoT, automation, augmented reality, and more.

Through this partnership, Clover IQ and Motorola Solutions aim to redefine the connectivity landscape for enterprises. By harnessing the power of Private LTE and 5G, businesses will experience improved operational efficiency, real-time data analytics, and enhanced safety and security measures. Whether it’s a sprawling manufacturing facility, a logistics hub, or a hospitality complex, Clover IQ and Motorola Solutions will provide businesses with the connectivity backbone needed to drive innovation and achieve digital transformation.

We are thrilled to partner with Motorola Solutions, a global leader in mission-critical communications, to bring our state-of-the-art connectivity solutions to enterprises,” said Hunaid Lotia, CEO of Clover IQ. “By combining our expertise in delivering wireless networks for large-scale environments with Motorola Solutions’ rich heritage in mission-critical communications, we will unlock new possibilities for businesses, helping them navigate the digital age with confidence.

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